Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting

The PSP60616 Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting is designated as a specialist qualification that covers the competencies required of personnel responsible for the management of strategic procurement in public sector organisations.

Although there are no legislated pre-requisites, it is highly recommended that anyone undertaking this program should ideally have five or more years in a senior strategic procurement role.

In line with the national packaging rules for this qualification, there are 15 units of competency comprising 9 core and 6 electives.

Course Overview

The training is a comprehensive twelve (12) day face-to-face program scheduled over three modules in a six month period.

Due to the holistic nature of the program, it requires a twelve (12) day face-to-face commitment and there are no credits for partial completion. Only completion of all assessment elements of the program will result in the award of a PSP60616 Advanced Diploma of Procurement and Contracting.

Student support and monitoring of self-directed (unsupervised) activities will be via email and phone support to the MTS Trainer/Assessor and/or dedicated Client Administrator.

MTS will develop individual study plans for participants in the event that they are unable to attend a module due to illness or other unforeseen circumstance. Please note that this is on a case by case basis.

Course Outline

Module One – Planning for Strategic Acquisitions (4 days)

This first module focuses on strategic planning activities, specifically, the policy environment, the development of procurement plans and creating effective business cases. The program also looks at the context of procurement within the public sector.

Module Two – Managing the Acquisition of Strategic Outcomes (4 days)

This module will expand concepts such as coordinating procurement activities, winning support for procurement activities, building procurement networks and negotiating to achieve strategic procurement outcomes.

Module Three – Managing Contract Outcomes (4 days)

The third and final module of this program focuses on risk management, ensuring probity in procurement practice, directing the management of contracts, category management and managing the supply chain.

Assessment Requirements for each Module

  • Completion of a research activity prior to course delivery
  • Completion of In-class Activity Book for each Module;
  • Completion of an Individual Knowledge Assessment for each Module;
  • Observation by the facilitator of individual effort and participation in all group tasks;
  • Completion of a contract development project between Modules 1 and 2, for submission at the start of Module 2;
  • Completion of a category management project completed between Modules 2 and 3, for submission at the start of Module 3; and
  • Completion of a research project between Modules 2 and 3, for submission at the start of Module 3.

Course Materials for each Module

  • A Participant Manual;
  • In-class Activity books;
  • Individual knowledge Assessments
  • Project instructions;
  • Handouts to support various group tasks; and
  • PowerPoint handouts.


All relevant documentation and information will be sent to participants prior to the commencement of a course.

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